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General Manager – Sonja originally from a small Estonian capital Tallinn, is a truly international citizen. After having lived in four different countries, from Russia to Switzerland, she is now residing in the heart of Europe – Brussels. Sonja holds a Master in Law Degree from the University of Zürich and KU Leuven, and has dedicated her last academic years to deepening her understanding of European Union law and policies.

Having witnessed the complexities of the EU decision-making from the inside during her traineeships at the EU institutions and thanks to her experience in international youth NGOs, she finds it her goal to bring Europe closer to its citizens and to raise the participation of young people in the democratic European life. To contribute to this goal she has been at the lead of Brussels Model European Union since its starts in 2015, and is committed to making every new edition better.


Director General – David Although currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International and European Law at KU Leuven, David still calls Brussels home. Born and raised in the city, he has always been fascinated by its unique place in Belgium and Europe. Having attended numerous MEUs in all kinds of places, David hopes the upcoming Brussels MEU edition will bring together all the best elements in one glorious conference.




Head of Social Media and Press – Alexandra is currently part of the Master in European Studies programme at KU Leuven. As a Polish, born and raised in Germany, speaking several languages and being a traveller at heart, Europe very early became a promise for her. After taking part in several simulations herself, this year she will be serving Brussels MEU as Head of Press and Social Media. Moreover, she will act as Editor-in-Chief during BMEU 2018. Being trained as a journalist in Berlin’s hard school of media newsrooms taught her not only journalistic skills, but deepened her belief that a critical press is the beating heart of democracy.




Content OfficerEmre is currently completing the second year of his Double-Degree Master of European Governance co-organized by the universities of Utrecht and Masaryk. Originally from Strasbourg, Emre grew up close to the European institutions. During his university years he lived in several countries in Europe and the Middle East. After participating to the BMEU 2016, Emre wants to share his international and academic experience while continuing to expend his knowledge on European Affairs as Content Officer.



Participants and Partners CoordinatorNikolina, originally from Croatia, grew up in Canada and graduated from the University of Ottawa in International Studies and Modern Languages before settling down in Brussels to live the EU dream.  She is currently in the last year of  her Master in International Relations at the ULB.Thanks to her personal and academic background, Nikolina has a deep understanding of intercultural exchanges and collaboration. 





Head of Public RelationsWassim –meaning ‘elegant’ in Arabic, which may or may not be correct – is a driven third bachelor student in business engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Born and raised in Brussels, Wassim shares an enormous passion for European politics. As head of PR and partnerships, his aim is to raise awareness and inform possible partners of the functioning and goal of Brussel Model European Union. Wassim also bears the role of public relations in Capitant, a student organisation dedicated to introducing the financial markets to Belgian students.




TreasurerJonathan is currently enrolled in the Master of Business Administration at KU Leuven. He is majoring in International Business Management. He is Treasurer for Brussels MEU 2018 and has always been particularly interested in everything that involves numbers and startups. His previous work experience includes accounting, finance and risk management.





Participants and Partners Coordinator – Sahajanya is a third-year Business Administration student at KU Leuven Campus Brussel. She is Indian but has been calling Belgium “home” for a few years now. She has been ever present in all sorts of public speaking scenarios since she was twelve, and is also the current President of KUL Brussels MUN. Sports take up most of her time and debates are the only thing she lets overlap with matches. The next BMEU is one thing she is most looking forward to in 2018 in addition to watching Hamilton that she had tickets booked for a year in advance! 




Head of logisticsAdil is as Brusseleir as they come and very proud of his city and country, but nothing compares to his love for the EU.  He is currently studying Political Science and Communication at Saint-Louis after he graduated in photography. Adil’s academic and personal background are as diverse as the European Union. He will put to use his organizational skills in the Logistics Team in order to make Brussels MEU a success.