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Sofia, originally from Estonian capital Tallinn, is a recent Master in Law graduate from KU Leuven and University of Zürich. Sofia has been involved in MUNs/MEUs since 2012, first as a participant and now as a chair and an organizer. This year, as a General Manager, she is responsible for the whole implementation of Brussels MEU project, and will make sure that the 2017 edition will be the one to remember. Having moved around for the last six years – from Tallinn to Moscow to Leuven to Zurich – she is now back to Brussels, and will share this multinational experience with Brussels MEU 2017 participants

David Scheere is a young and enthusiastic student from the very heart of the EU. Born and raised in Brussels, he is now studying Law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel after obtaining a Bachelor degree in History. David has more than four years of experience both as a participant and as a chair in numerous MUN and MEU conferences, and is now holding the role of Director General at Brussels MEU 2017.



Nevena Menojlovic

Deputy General Manager

Nevena is a student enrolled in the Master of Business Administration with orientation in International relations at KU Leuven Campus Brussels. Growing up as the daughter of a diplomat, she has lived in various countries and enjoys meeting people with different backgrounds. She has actively immersed herself in the MUN and MEU world since high school, where she constantly sought to frame the game and develop strategies as a delegate. Her passion for diplomacy and international relations has rapidly grown and therefore now she serves as advisory board of her MUN Team and organizer of Brussels MEU for the second time.

Luis Felipe Ocampo

Treasurer and Fundraiser

Luis is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration at KU Leuven Campus Brussels. He is majoring in International Business Management. He is Treasurer for Brussels MEU 2017 and is also the Treasury Officer at Business Student Society. His previous work experience includes finance and risk management, event organisation, leadership and creative strategy for student organisations. His international education and background have allowed him to cultivate a strong interest and desire to act in the sphere of European and international affairs over the years. Luis Felipe Ocampo lives in Belgium.

Tars Van Litsenborgh


Being in his Master of International and EU law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Tars cherishes a great interest in European and international affairs. As founder and president of a youth club in Grimbergen, he has over two years of leadership, organizing and supervising experience. He is used to dedicated teamwork, playing football in his daily life. Tars will occupy himself with the fundraising aspect of BMEU and, doing so, aims to enlarge his international experience.

Berta Herrero

Editor in Chief and Head of Communications

If Europe is a dream, then Berta would like to be described as a dreamer. Originally a journalist, she has reported from many places across the globe, including North Korea, Cyprus or The Netherlands, where she worked as a correspondent for a major Spanish newspaper while deeping into European Studies at the University of Amsterdam.
Like Altiero Spinelli, she’d like to spend her life fighting for Europe, so she wouldn’t have liked to miss the opportunity to go to the elected European Parliament. Thus that is where she went and where she still is.
She has taken part in many ‘models’, including Harvard’s WORLDMUN in Seoul, Model European Union in Warsaw and IUMUN in Istanbul, where she was nominated best delegate. As a proud European, her aim is to contribute to further and better European integration within a solid European Union based on the principles of freedom, solidarity, equality, diversity and democracy. Serving as a member of Brussels MEU is a part of her commitment to drawing a bright future for Europe.


Alexander Wenzel

Head of Content

Alexander is a KUL master`s law student in European and International law. Leuven is also the city he grew up in, however his origins lie in Austria and Greece. Living close to all the institutions, sparked his interest in supranational organizations at a young age. The existence of the European Union made his plans to unite Europe as a benevolent dictator unfortunately obsolete. On the bright side it saved him a lot of work and time, which he invested in a long list of student associations, MEU-& MUN simulations as well as legal internships. This year he will be serving Brussels MEU as an ambitious head of content, before he steps into the world of the European Union.


Nicolas Hamon

Head of PR

Nicolas is a business law with an intellectual property specialization at UCLouvain. Being particularly interested in diplomacy and international relations, he is involved in various student associations and has participated in several Model United Nations and Model European Union.He is also member of the board of the citizen movement ”Stand Up for Europe/European Federalist Party’’. As the Head of PR, Nicolas is responsible for raising awareness for Brussels Model European Union. He aims bringing in a large panel of students and that young professionals will recognize BMEU as of the most rewarding simulations in Europe.


Leila NIcasie


Leila is currently a boardmember at Capitant Brussels and co-founded Capitant at KU Leuven Campus Brussels. Previously she was the Vice-President of the Business Student Society and delegate at Kulbruxmun. At the moment she is enrolled in a Msc Business Administration at KU Leuven and plans to specialize in tax law. Recognizing the importance of global geopolitical movements, her passion for international affairs comes from having a mixed background. Being Thai-Belgian has allowed her to be open minded towards other cultures. As the Head of Social Events Leila looks forward to organizing the appropriate leisure activities for the delegates, so that they can get to know one another in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.


Jessica Simoes

Head of Liaison

Jessica is currently in her final year of her Master’s degree in an interdisciplinary program combining EU law and economics at the Institute for European Studies. She is the President and chair for called Belgian Youth Diplomacy ( This youth organisation provides a platform for networking between young people and professionals. Jessica is originally from Luxembourg (Schengen Area), and participated successfully in various MEU before joining the Brussels MEU team as a Liaison officer. Growing up in a multilingual country with strong European values, Jessica is passionate about the EU’s political dynamics and legislative procedures.



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