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1st until the 6th of May 2017

Participation in Brussels MEU is FREE of charge. However, we ask all participants to transfer a deposit of €30, which will be returned to you at the end of the conference. More details about this are included in the email you will receive once your application has been submitted and is accepted by the Brussels MEU Team.
* In case of cancellation after the 1st of April, the deposit fee will not be refunded.

Preliminary Agenda Brussels MEU 2017

Participation includes:

* 4 Days of committee sessions 

* 5 Amazing social evenings to mingle with the other participants from all over the world

* An opening and a closing ceremony 

* Lunch and coffee breaks during committee sessions

* A conference handbook and study guides to come prepared

* A certificate of participation handed out by the European Commission (looks great on your CV!)

* Lifelong friendships with interesting people from all over the world

* A hands-on knowledge and insight of how big decisions in the EU are made

Applicants must be between 18 and 28 years of age throughout the duration of the conference. 



Participants travelling from the following partner countries are entitled to a refund of their travel costs on the following conditions:

– You must be present at the Brussels MEU 2017 sessions.
– You must present your valid travel documents to the organising team at the end of the conference.
– The amount of the refund cannot exceed 70% of your travel costs, with the maximum cap of the
 individual amounts listed below.
– Please choose the cheapest possible option to reach Brussels.
– You must be travelling from one of the following countries:

1. Austria (€170)

2. Albania (€170)
3. Armenia (€400)
4. Belgium (€20)
5. Bulgaria (€170)
6. Croatia (€170)
7. Denmark (€170)
8. Estonia (€170)
9. Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (€170)
10. France (€80)
11. Germany (€80)
12. Italy (€170)
13. Malta (€170)
14. Netherlands (€20)
15. Poland (€170)
16. Portugal (€170)
17. Romania (€170)
18. Serbia (€170)
19. Slovakia (€170)
20. Slovenia (€170)
21. Spain (€170)
22. Sweden (€170)

The travel refund is dependent on the country you are travelling from. Please note that the refund of your travel cost can take some time to reach you. In any case, if you fulfill the requirements listed above and the Brussels MEU organisation confirms the good reception of your travel documents, the Brussels MEU organisation will transfer the travel refund to your account as soon as it reaches us. 

Brussels MEU does not cover accomodation.


We look forward to welcoming you to the lovely city of Brussels, the heart of Europe.